This is not fluff and oil. This is therapy! You never get undressed.  We focus on your pain to get you back to living your life. You haven't tried everything if you haven't tried us!! What have you got to lose?

 Our initial appointment may take up to two hours, and we only charge you for one hour should you decide to move forward with treatment. In the first hour we will answer your questions and explain who we are and what we do before you have to decide about trying this. 


Client Feedback


If you are not sure this will work for you, here is a sample of what our clients are saying about us.

Travels From NS just for Treatment


"In September, 2017 I was walking with a cane and barely mobile. I had been diagnosed with lower back and hip issues that required a prescription drug and regular visits to a massage therapist.

On November 20, 2017 I received a phone call from my daughter who resides in Airdrie, Alberta advising she discovered an Amazing Massage Therapist that she believed could help eliminate/control the pain and discomfort that engulfed my body.

Immediately I booked an appointment with Dean Constantini. On November 23rd I boarded a plane and met with Dean at Structural Chiropractic.

Dean worked on my body for 60 minutes using a technique I had never experienced before – It was definitely not a relaxing experience, however, when the session ended and I stood, I was completely amazed. I could feel the pressure point locations throughout my body, but the actual pain was gone. It was an incredible feeling and I walked out of the office with both mind and body in a relaxed state I had not felt in over six months.

Dean agreed to see me again on November 27th and once again, worked his “magic” to relieve any lingering pain and stiffness. Dean also provided advice on “the dos and don’ts” post massage to ensure comfort and followed up (via e-mail) on my progress. His subject knowledge, expert application and genuine care of clients place him as a Top Contender in the field of Massage Therapy!

I am back in Nova Scotia and delighted to say I left my pain and discomfort in Alberta. After only 2 sessions with Dean I was able to endure a four and a half hour flight in comfort and continue to walk Pain Free. Dean will be forever in my Contact List!" - Sue P. – East Coast Client

13 Years of Chronic Pain

"The approach taken to address my issues was like nothing I have ever experienced with massage therapy. The extensive history taking, the time taken to understand me and what I was experiencing - never have I experienced that from a massage therapist.

After my first visit I noticed a difference. Walking out of the clinic with less pain than I have had over the years was needless to say emotional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Taylor Y.

Hip Pain

"My son was experiencing hip pain that continued to worsen to a point where he became wheelchair bound within a month or so. We had been to the doctor several times and were told it was just over use. 

Dean, our team trainer, took the time to fully assess my son and insisted that we have an x-ray at minimum. He felt that there was a tear within the hip. Well he was right. The x-ray showed a shadow which prompted an MRI and subsequently surgery for a torn labrum. 

I tell everyone if you have that nagging pain and your not improving go see Dean. He is thorough and with his network he can get you the care you need. 

Thank you for giving my son his life back." - John L. 

Arm/Shoulder Pain

 "This is my first visit and it was professional and informative. His technique is effective and I will be booking another appointment soon. He helped my TMJ too." -  Myla B.

"I had been going to physio for 6 weeks with little to no relief. one treatment from Dean and I can honestly say I feel so much better. Dean got right to the source of my pain quickly. I would highly recommend a visit."   - Rhonda R.

Best Vacation Ever!!

"Best Vacation in nine years thanks to you! 

As you know I tried everything including other massage therapists, chiropractics, acupuncture, physio, gaston's, etc. But after a few short treatments I am now pain free and back to my daily walks, and went dancing like a mad woman in Vegas with the girls!

I don't know how Dean knows where the work needs to be done but he does. Thank You Dean I feel like a new woman!" - Cyndi A.


Shin Splints and Headaches

"I was in to see Dean last week for shin splints. I am happy to say that this week I am currently shin splint free! 

Dean has also helped me to remain headache free through massage. I used to get headaches anywhere from 2-5 times per week. If you are looking for a massage therapist that is in it to make you better and not just mask your symptoms then Dean is your guy!" - Michelle H.

Sports Teams

"Dean's professionalism was unmatched in my experience of having coached minor hockey teams for the previous 20 years. When players were injured he responded quickly and knew exactly what to do every time. I know if I was still coaching in Alberta, Dean would be right by my side" - Brian W.

"For the last seven seasons our Lacrosse team has been fortunate to use Deans services. He has provided our team with meticulous care - From pre-season assessments to post season player follow up, and the spectrum of injury and recovery in between. We are proud and have been fortunate to have had Dean on our bench" - Laurie H.

First Time RAPID-NFR

"RAPID Rocks!!" - Chris L.

"Dean is great. How he treats his clients is over and above what is needed. He has helped me fix chronic injuries I have had since I was in high school playing sports. His technique is so different then any other massage therapist. I tried RAPID the last time I visited him and WOW did I feel amazing afterwards. It hurt like a mother while he was doing it but instant relief afterwards. Thanks Dean!" - Stephanie R.